FIRE – Flagstaff International Relief Effort, is a non-profit, non-government organization (NGO), headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona with a registered NGO branch office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and team representatives in Langtang and Kathmandu, Nepal. FIRE began its work in 1999, in the devastated economy of post-Soviet Mongolia on the foundation of “placing aid directly in the hands of the people.” FIRE continually evolves, meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Through sustainable and award-winning programming with a focus on research, development, and evaluation, FIRE empowers communities and individuals. Our responsible, multi-layered programs work with partners at all levels — local, national and international — including government, civil society, and individuals.


FIRE works to improve health, education and well-being through value centered, community-based programs encompassing cultural diversity and heritage.


Communities around the world are empowered with a higher quality of life through access to safe health care and sustainable resources for responsible development.


A key set of values is applied to every aspect of FIRE – from program design, implementation, and evaluation, to relationships with partners and co-workers. At the core is the ultimate value of respect: for partners, those marginalized by society,  the global community,  underserved issues, stakeholders and local leadership.

RESPONSIBLE – Reliably meeting deadlines on-time, honoring commitments and expectations
EFFICIENT – Achieving maximum productivity without wasted effort or expense
SUSTAINABILITY – Ensuring our programs have a replicable design and local ownership for long-term impact
PARTNERSHIPS – Strategically building partnerships with national stakeholders and trustworthy organizations
EMPOWERING – Helping to build capacity and leadership in local communities
COMMUNICATION – Open, honest, timely, and culturally sensitive communication
TRANSPARENCY – Openly, clearly, and accurately sharing all information related to our operations and finances

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