Enjoy a beautiful, hand-made, hand-painted, and sustainably produced Mongolian yurt made with all-natural materials. These affordable tiny homes are easy to set up in a backyard or off-grid with endless potential uses. Each one is customizable and made to order. Select your color (including carved); choose your size (16 ft up to 28 ft in diameter); add windows and make the walls tall. The price includes shipping to Flagstaff, AZ. Shipping arrangements beyond Flagstaff can be made and setup assistance is available.


**We are currently taking orders for delivery in early 2023.**

All proceeds support FIRE’s public health programs in Mongolia.

The millennia-old design of the Mongolian ger is a reflection of Mongolian culture and climate. Its subtle sophistication generates strength, warmth, and artistic beauty.  The word “yurt” originated from Turkish and was adopted by the Russians to describe these portable wood, felt, and canvas homes used across Central Asia for thousands of years in extreme winter conditions. “Yurt” is not a word in the Mongolian language, but it is a more familiar term outside of Mongolia rather than ger. For ease of communication, we will use “yurt” rather than “ger” throughout this website.

The Mongolian yurt has two key components: the wooden frame and the covers.  They are designed to be easily dismantled and moved on the backs of camels and yaks. Mongolians can break down and set up their entire home in a few hours. Today, 30% of Mongolia still lives as pastoral nomads in yurts,  moving 4-10 times a year. Hundreds of thousands more live in yurts that have been set up for permanent residence on the edges of Mongolian cities in what are called “ger districts.”

Mongolian vs Modern Yurts
The traditional Mongolian yurts differ from modern “western” yurts mainly in material and dimensions. Mongolian yurts are more stout with shorter walls and a lower center height and roof pitch. The lower roof and center point helps to retain heat as well as creating stability. The stout frame coupled with the center support poles that attach to the roof give maximum strength against winds and weather. Mongolian yurts are made from all-natural materials including yak hair ropes, camel sinew for wall ties, and all-natural sheep wool felt used as the main insulation.

The base price includes:

  • the wood frame;
  • all-natural, thick, felt insulation cover;
  • two canvas covers; two-layered door;0 window frame inserts for the 8 crown openings so you can customize as needed;
  • and delivery to Flagstaff, AZ. Color, height, window, and alternative delivery options are available. Each ger is unique and made to order.

The list below is the parts a typical ger comes with. The number of each part depends on the size ger you choose. These yurts consist of:

  • Roof poles
  • Expandable, wood lattice wall sections
  • Roof crown with a smoke hole and window frame inserts
  • Two center support poles (three for the 8-wall)
  • Double layer wooden door with the outside being a full door and the inside split into a double door
  • All ties and ropes
  • Durable factory-processed natural felt covering
  • Two water repellent canvas covers, one decorative
  • Cotton liner


  • All of the wood parts are made from locally sourced and renewable larch, birch, or pine woods.The door, roof poles, and roof crown are hand-painted with beautiful traditional Mongolian design using lead-free paint.
  • The ropes are made from yak hair.
  • The lattice walls are tied together with camel sinew.
  • The felt is 5/8 of an inch thick, all-natural sheep wool that has been cleaned and processed in a factory. Factory processing makes the felt an even thickness, very clean, with no sheep smell, and more bug resistant.

The Mongolian yurt has a stout frame that is extremely sturdy with its center roof crown supports. These yurts are made for the harsh Mongolian climate which can get down to -40º in winter. They are also made to withstand the strong winds of the open steppe. The design and felt installation help them stay warm inside with a wood-burning stove. Additional felt layers can be purchased for colder environments. Additional modifications can also be made for wetter climates. While Mongolia is cold and windy, it is also very dry.

  • We take orders on a revolving basis. Please, check our website for our next order deadline and expected delivery date.
  • All yurts are presold with full payment made prior to construction unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Photos of the yurt are sent to you after it is built and before shipping from Mongolia.
  • We ship 40-foot sea containers from Mongolia to Flagstaff, AZ. The price of the yurt includes all shipping to Flagstaff.

Production and transit time

  • In general, the yurts take a few weeks to make in Mongolia. From Mongolia, the container goes by train to the seaport of Tianjin, near Beijing, China, and then onto a ship that travels to Long Beach, CA. From California, the container comes to Flagstaff, AZ by truck.
  • Each step of the process can vary in time length. For example, the paint on the yurt dries slower in the cold winter months. Holidays in Mongolia and China are many and sometimes one-week-long impacting the time between production completion and being put on the ship. There is only one way into China from Mongolia by train. The process can get backed up at the China border, at the seaport, or even at the US border/seaport.
  • Pre-Covid, it would take about 4 months for orders yurt to be produced and arrive in the United States. Now, delivery times are difficult to estimate with potential lengthy delays. Current delivery estimates for orders placed in 2022 are 5-6 months from the order date.
    We keep in close contact with you through the process and update you every step of the way.

After arrival in Flagstaff, AZ

  • If you live within driving distance of Flagstaff, we can hold the ger for you for up to seven days from the day of delivery for no charge. We can hold it for extra days for an additional $25 per day. To pick up a ger, you would need at least a full-size pickup truck, depending on the size ger you choose. Having a rack and/or extended cab is helpful.  A 5-wall ger weighs about 1,200 pounds.
  • If you don’t live in Flagstaff or even the United States, we can still get the yurt to you for an extra charge. Please see the “Additional Shipping Options” section for more information.

Please note: Shipping from Mongolia has been difficult since the onset of Covid. The length of transit time is more unreliable and much longer than we have ever seen. Patients are required as issues out of our control may arise.

Shipping Included

Shipping to Flagstaff, Arizona by sea container and overland trucks is included in the cost of the ger. This includes all import fees and taxes. We can hold a ger in Flagstaff for pick up for seven days from the day of delivery. Each day over seven is a fee of $25 per day. To pick up a ger, you would need at least a full-size pick-up truck, depending on the size ger you choose. Having a rack and/or extended cab is helpful.  A 5-wall ger weighs about 1,200 pounds.

Please note: Shipping from Mongolia has been difficult since the onset of Covid. The length of transit time is more unreliable and much longer than we have ever seen. Patients are required as issues out of our control may arise.

Shipping by sea container to the continental United States

If you do not live close enough to Flagstaff to pick up your ger, we can send it to you from Flagstaff by truck. The cost for this varies depending on your location and the number of gers we are delivering to you. Contact us today for more information and detailed pricing.

Shipping outside the continental United States or need it fast? We ship by air.

Do you need it sooner ? We can also ship by air to anywhere in the United States. Gers can also be shipped anywhere by air freight including Alaska, Hawaii, and Europe. 

Please see below for the additional shipping cost for this delivery option.
To LA, NYC, Miamai, DC, San Francisco, Atlanta — $6,000 + land transportation.
To Germany – $5,500 + land transportation and import fees and taxes.
To Hawaii – $5,500 + land transportation and import fees and taxes.

All locations are available for air shipping. Contact us today if you do not see your preferred location.


  • Delivery is 4-8 weeks from the date of order
  • This is air freight.
  • Because it is a smaller shipping space the crown/roof of the ger comes in two parts that are screwed together.
  • The above costs are for shipping from Mongolia to the country’s port of entry only.
  • The customer is responsible for all other expenses including customs fees and related expenses including duties, taxes and/or VAT required for customs clearance.
  • It will also be the customer’s responsibility to work with a local freight forwarding broker and to make arrangements for pick-up at the airport or for further transportation within the country to your final location.
  • If you are shipping by air to the United States, we can help you with the local broker arrangements.
  • All yurts are made to order and prepaid.
  • Payments can be made by check, Paypal, credit card, cash, money order or wire.
  • $100 discount for all non-credit card payments.
  • Payment plans are available with a finance fee.
  • All sales are final once delivered or picked up.
  • A 20% cancelation fee will be applied to any canceled orders. Refunds on canceled orders can take up to nine months to be applied.
  • Please call us at 928-779-2288 or send us an email to learn more about owning your very own unique piece of nomadic heritage! We look forward to speaking with you!

These are images from our latest order in 2022. Please click on each thumbnail to see the full image and to navigate through all of the images. Please also let us know if you would like to see more images!

Orange/turquoise (Mutli-color) (Default option)
Sage (This is a matte finish, rather than glossy and typically does not come with the hand-painted detail.)
Lacquered with black (extra charges will be applied)
Lacquered with color (extra charges will be applied)
Carved and lacquered (extra charges will be applied)