FIRE was created on the foundation of integrity and direct intervention as an alternative to the graft and loopholes commonly found in the complex environment of a struggling economy and the developing world. From the start, FIRE adopted the motto, “no middlemen” and “placing aid directly into the hands of the people.” As FIRE as grown, we have continued to place integrity and direct intervention at the center of our operations. FIRE maintains a high standard of oversight, integrity, and efficiency, setting it apart from many other organizations.

Fiscal Responsibility

FIRE is committed to keeping administrative expenses as low as possible. In 2015, 96% of all income went directly to program expenses. FIRE’s extensive accounting procedures in Mongolia and the United States ensure that every penny is accounted for and tracked. Despite complicated accounts in multiple countries and currencies, FIRE closely follows the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements as well as responsible international audit procedures. FIRE has additional requirements it must follow according to Mongolian law. All of FIRE’s IRS Form 990 Tax Returns are available to for public review. All of these factors ensure that FIRE makes the most of every donated dollar, maximizing your support through efficient and responsible fiscal management. Read more on our Financial Information page


FIRE’s clearly defined values provide the ethical and moral map for everything FIRE does. They are the measuring stick against which all aspects of the organization are judged. These values are applied to the way programs are designed, implemented, and evaluated; to relationships with partners; and the working relationships within FIRE itself. (link to values)


FIRE has become a recognized entity throughout the country. Working relationships with diverse people and organizations from members of government to rural clinics, help leverage resources and support from every level and ensuring the most empowering, sustainable and cost-effective programs as possible. FIRE has developed a reputation for success, longevity, and reliability.


FIRE’s dedicated staff and advisors bring decades of collective experience with health and non-profit, non-government programs to Mongolia, providing invaluable expertise for program development, implementation and evaluation, and creation of curricula and training materials. At each stage of every program, FIRE communications with stakeholders, private companies and government organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) and Mongolian Ministry of Health (MoH) to work together to ensure there is no contradiction between programs. FIRE’s loyal team maintains close communication and adaptability for an ever changing world and environment. FIRE’s exceptional understanding of both the urban and rural environments create optimal fiscal efficiency and time management. Meredith Potts, FIRE’s Executive Director, was recognized by The Economist Intelligence Unit as a 2017 HCV Change Maker. The Change Maker program honors 18 innovators who are dedicating their efforts to three thematic areas: multi-stakeholder approaches, screening, and technology. Meredith was honored for her exemplary devotion to making screening more readily available throughout Mongolia.


FIRE’s respect for the local the culture, traditions, and leadership create empowering and sustainable programs. At each step, FIRE works with local community members from the poorest members of the community to the province governor. The community determines their needs and issues. All of FIRE’s staff in Nepal and Mongolia are from the respective countries. In Mongolia, FIRE pointedly supports the infrastructure and administration of the public sector by focusing on state-run facilities and employees, By teaching, we empower individuals and communities with the knowledge to continue the work after FIRE’s project is completed. FIRE’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of Mongolian politics and culture allow us to support the community on their level.


In 2016, FIRE’s “Hepatitis Free Mongolia” liver screening project was one of five international projects recognized as an “innovative hepatitis screening project” across the world by the World Health Organization (WHO) and European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL). FIRE’s innovating programs come from a comprehensive approach to design multi-layered, strategic programs that address complex issues from various directions and empower local leadership and are focused on remote and under-served populations. We are able to remain flexible and adaptable to the quickly changing local needs and logistics.