Tashi was born and raised in Langtang, Nepal. Before the earthquake in 2015, he built and ran a guest house in Kyanjin Gumpa with his wife and two daughters. He lost his wife and youngest daughter in the earthquake. After the earthquake Tashi began to focus on social work, committing to improving the lives of all who survived in Langtang. In December 2015, Tashi started working with FIRE and was elected Chairman of the Langtang Buffer Zone User Committee, within the Langtang National Park. He was reelected to this position again, in May 2017, for an additional five years. Tashi manages the development budget for Langtang National Park and all grants for the National Park from USAid, UNICEF and the World Wildlife Federation. Tashi holds regular meetings with his community in Langtang. Tashi is also the Treasurer of the Kangin Gompa Langtang Society. His selfless commitment to serve his community allows FIRE to assist the most vulnerable members and better design long-term projects.