Tuzkeez means “wall hanging” in Kazakh. These wall hangings are made by women nomads of the remote, predominately Kazakh area of Western Mongolia. Families proudly display the craftsmanship and design of the wall hangings, traditionally made to honor a birth, marriage, or special event. Some of these wall hangings are dated and inscribed or signed in Kazakh. Tuzkeez are usually unfinished on the bottom and placed behind beds or other furniture lining the walls of their gers (yurts) and cabins.

Most tuzkeez are non-representational art, keeping with the dictates of the Koran. During Communist times they would often use flowers and or stars in their patterns. The Kazakhs are known for their use of dazzling patterns and vivid color.

The border of the wall hangings are made on a treadle sewing machine. The inside pattern is sewn by hand. It takes over 100 hours to make one wall hanging. Most women will only make 3-6 in a lifetime. The making of wall hangings is a dying art-form, as younger women are less interested in learning how to make tuzkeez and the older women are slowly passing on. The wall hangings that remain are becoming rarer.

To purchase a wall hanging, please send us an email and let us know the TZ number.



84″ X 43.5″

Weighs 4 pounds

Well preserved, original ties for easy hanging.



Size: 84 X 48 inches

Weight: 5 pounds

Small tear in the red outside border fabric, see photo. Fully intact, original loops for easy hanging.




94.5″ X 43.5″

Weighs 4.5 pounds

Top ties are not attached any longer. Side ties are well preserved and attached.



93″ X 55.5″

Weighs 6 pounds

Well preserved original ties for easy hanging.