Mongolia’s high literacy rate and small rural communities make awareness campaigns effective methods for instigating change. In addition to implementing these community awareness campaigns, FIRE trains local officials and community leaders on the logistics involved to carry out these activities and how to address the relevant health issues. This training ensures that local communities have the resources and knowledge to continue awareness campaigns independently.  Awareness activities include: conducting media events, including TV and radio programs and press conferences; distributing information and communication materials; and organizing events in gathering centers of local communities.

World Hepatitis Day

Since 2010, FIRE has worked with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Mongolian Ministry of Health (MoH), and rural health care providers and departments to mark World Hepatitis Day on July 28 in Ulaanbaatar and rural areas of Mongolia

Awareness Events

Community Awareness Campaigns are also conducted in conjunction with our Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Screening Project. We hold an awareness fair in the center of the province capital. We educate community members through the distribution of pamphlets and posters and provide speakers and information booths, including doctors from the local clinics. The fair is family oriented with singing and dance performances and activities for all ages. In addition to the community awareness fair, we also spend at the local central market and other locations distributing thousands of information and promoting awareness.

Advocacy with Policy Makers and Community Leaders

Long-term, life-saving changes can only be achieved through sustainable, inter-sector cooperation, and support from a community’s government and business leaders. Through strategic advocacy meetings and targeted information sessions, FIRE informs community leaders and policymakers about the nation’s viral hepatitis and liver cancer epidemics. They are given solutions to bring both the logistics and financial influences of the community together to implement further solution-based programming.

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World Hepatitis Day 2017, Mongolia

Khovsgol 2015

Dornod 2017

HBI-DC, Washington DC, 2016

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